WB Government issues the West Bengal Energy Conservation Building Code, 2020

In a Gazette Notification dated 14th January, 2020 the Department of Power of the Government of West Bengal (“Department”) has issued the West Bengal Energy Conservation Building Code, 2020 (“Code’).

The Code has gained effect from 14th January, 2020 i.e. on the date of its publication in the Official Gazette.

The purpose of the Code is provide minimum requirements for efficient use of energy and its conservation in buildings and building complexes.

Scope and Applicability:

The Code is applicable to building/ building complexes with connected load of 100 kW or greater or a contract demand of 120 kVA or greater and are intended to be used for commercial purposes.

The provisions of the Code will apply to the following:

  1. Building Envelope
  1. Mechanical system and equipment including heating, ventilating and air conditioning, service hot water heating.

iii.            Interior and exterior lighting

  1. Electrical power and motors and renewable energy systems.

Please note that the provisions of this Code will not apply to plug loads, and equipment and parts of buildings that use energy for manufacturing processes (unless otherwise specified in the Code).

Key Highlights:

  1. Under the Code, any one or more building with commercial purpose is classified on the basis of the functional requirements of its design, construction, and usage. The classifications are :
  1. Hospitality
  2. Healthcare

iii. Assembly

  1. Business
  2. Educational
  3. Shopping complex

vii. Mixed use building

  1. Any building falling under the purview of the Code will have to mandatorily comply with:
  1. Having a prescribed Energy Performance Index Ratio (EPI Ratio).
  1. The provisions pertaining tobuilding envelopethat include fenestration, opaque construction, day lighting, sealing.

iii. The provisions pertaining to comfort system controls that include ventilation, minimum space condition equipment efficiencies, controls such as heating and cooling, piping and ductwork, system balancing, condensers, service water heating,

  1. The provisions pertaining tolighting and controlsthat include exit signs.
  1. The provisions pertaining toelectrical and renewable energy systemthat include transformers, energy efficient motors, diesel generator (DG) set, check-metering and monitoring, power factor correction, power distribution system, uninterruptible power supply, appliances
  1. The Code can be complied with using two methods –
  1. Prescriptive Method – A building complies with the Code using this method if it meets theprescribedminimum/maximum values for envelope components, comfort system and controls and lighting and controls in addition to the mandatory requirements.
  1. Whole Building Performance Method – A building complies with the Code using this method when the estimated annual energy use of the Proposed Design is less than that of the Standard Design, even though it may not comply with the specific provisions of theprescriptiverequirements, but must meet the mandatory requirements.

For a detailed read of the Code, please refer to hyperlink of the official website of the Department of Power, government of West Bengal and refer to the document named “West Bengal Energy Conservation Building Code 2020- Kolkata Gazette dt 14-01-2020”.

Source:Department of Power, Government of West Bengal