Ms. Gayatri Chauhan

An alumnus of IIT Roorkee and ISB Hyderabad, Ms Gayatri is working towards building a business case for global sustainable development. She is a TEDx speaker and a fellow of the Swedish Institute on Leadership and Sustainability.
Driven by her passion to bring Sustainability mainstream, Gayatri founded GAIA-The Earth Foundation with a mission to mainstream sustainable development.

BuzzOnEarth is the media arm of GAIA – The Earth Foundation that leverages the power of media to influence positive change by sharing stories on inspiring leadership, innovations and collective action. 

EarthGeeks, is a student community platform to connect students from around the world to lead the Sustainability movement and CO create a better tomorrow.

Gayatri has 12+ years of global experience leading market development and sustainability integration for corporates across the IT, Real Estate and Consulting sectors. She is a branding connoisseur and loves building brands focused on positive change and sustainable innovation.
Fun facts:

      Gayatri is a self-trained vocalist and dears to sing for kids. 

      Raised in a Defense environment, she is in eternal love with nature and her country.

      She enjoys trekking in nature and practices Yoga sporadically.

      She loves Sudoku, thoughtful conversations and building on new ideas and partnerships!

Mr. Mahesh Krishnamurti

Mahesh Krishnamurti is Advisor-Partner at GAIA Ventures and BuzzOnEarth Media. Formerly MD India and member of Global Leadership Team, at RGP, a leading NASDAQ-listed management consultancy. He is also LP and advisor with Arka Venture Labs and on the Supervisory Board of MyCFO. Mahesh has led major initiatives and consulting engagements at Fortune 100/1000 companies, start-ups, and turnaround situations in the US, India, and internationally for 30+ years. He is recognized for his international background and expertise in Strategy, Business Development, M&A, Finance, Governance, and Leadership. Mahesh has a B.Sc. (Economics) from the London School of Economics and Political Science, an MBA (Finance) from NYU, Stern School of Business, and has attended Management programs at the Wharton School, and MIT, Sloan School of Management.

Sharon and Leonard Wojno

Leonard and Sharon Wojno practice sustainability and wellness in their daily lives- Vegetarian and user of alternative nutritional therapies, and user of alternative house products.
Sharon holds medical and nutritional certificate along with Masters of Science in Remedial Reading and Special education. She is operator of quantum mechanics health devices and advocates mystical practices.
Leonard graduated from Stony Brook University in New York and took postgraduate courses at Radford University in Virginia. For the last decade he worked as a homebound school teacher for Rocky Mount Public Schools.

Rakhi Chakraborty

Rakhi is a writer and social media manager who moonlights as a sustainability activist.

Shatakshi Tripathi

Shatakshi calls herself a Confused Genius and reads Gangster books with a Children’s book bookmark in them. Mostly, she can be found listening to people if not reading. 

Kirti Menon

Kirti likes nature, cats, board games and coffee among other things. Trudging through law school. She is happiest at the movies.

Jessica Bernard

Jessica Bernard is an urban economist based in Mumbai focusing on sustainability, circular economy and resource management. She loves travelling and running when not writing or reading. Jessica is always happy to have any conversation on environment, economy or development.

Kashish Godha

Kashish is a Software and Web Developer. She wants to fully utilize her skills and hard-work, while making a significant contribution to the societal progress and an increase in quality of life.